We are Leaders in Contents.

Be a leader of contents market.

Lian Contents distributes diverse high quality video contents from Korea to broadcast stations and platforms all over the world.

We’ve made close relationships with many companies, not only those in major Asian countries including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, but also in those other regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands.
We provide superior quality video contents in various genres ranging from TV series, variety shows, and music programs to documentaries and animation. Furthermore, our sub-business ventures have included new-media projects, DVD production, publishing, concert & event co-ordination.

Our many years of experience have allowed us to establish our own way of work and to create bonds of trust with partner companies both domestically and abroad. With these powerful assets, we are proud to spread the best of Korean contents to the global community.

We are Leaders of Inovation.

Leaders of inovation

“Nothing endures but change.” – Heraclitus of Ephesus

We believe that the continuous efforts of enlightened people who strive to innovate can change the world for the better.
Thus, we are willing to lead the change in our field.

We both gladly promote changes toward righteous thought and mind while also being responsive to the changes in the world around us.
Our approach to change starts with the concept of ‘novelty and joy’ in our business, a key aspect of which is to identify a suggest good opportunities to our partners.

Sharing Your Dreams.

People who shares their dreams

When I first started working, each day started early in the morning and ended very late at night.
Everything was too hard to get used to, which made every working day just feel like a burden.
At that time a warm spring breeze, a shower of rain cooling the heat of the summer, the fall of powdery snow flakes and even the happiness or grief of my colleagues couldn’t have moved me at all.

One day, the thought of pursuing a different life occurred to me –one that would allow for the experience of beauty and happiness in each day.

I want Lian Contents to be a company where people can work happily.
Not only for our own employees, but also for our partners and everyone who meets us.
Now we’re working to make a better and happier world by sending our gratitude and love to all the people around the world and trying to bring more joy to their lives.